Monday, November 19, 2012

Tidy Up Gal's Take: West Elm Market Tub + Tile Cleaner

Happy Monday! A Tidy-Up Gal reader asked if I could do a post on safe cleaning products. A lot of cleaning solutions contain harsh chemicals that are bad for your health, but I love me some bleach y'all. Not in a creepy way, but I just feel like if bleach is too strong for me to inhale, then germs and dirt don't stand a chance! 

However, I am aware that there are other cleaning products that are much safer and promise to clean just as well as the others; and I am very willing to try them out and do my part in preserving the environmentEnter West Elm's Sage Leaf Tub + Tile Cleaner (created specially for West Elm by Common Good). 

According to their website, Common Good is a line of simple and safe cleaning products in reusable plastic containers, created free of "synthetic fragrances, dyes, bleaches and brighteners." 

I purchased the Sage Leaf Tub + Tile Cleaner from West Elm Market for $6.95 (16 fluid oz bottle) and used it instead of my usual cleaning combo this past weekend. Here's my take on this cleaner:

1. The bottle is pretty durable and sturdy. I also like that it's reusable. Plus, the design of the bottle is simple and clean, just how I like it. 

2. On first spray, the cleaner was quite strong. I had to spray, turn on the bathroom fan and walk away for a few minutes. It might have been the Sage, I'm not completely sure.

3. I came back after a few minutes to scrub the tub and sink (with a dish sponge, because I prefer those to brushes), and I liked that the cleaner foamed as I scrubbed. In my mind, if it ain't foaming, it ain't cleaning!

4. The cleaner left my sink and tub clean, and I was happy about that. I will say that it did almost as much work as my regular combo of Comet and bathroom cleaner with bleach.

5. There was a little bit of powdery residue after rinsing the first time, but another round of rinsing and it was all gone.

Other than the strong smell on first spray, I liked that it worked. It also made me feel much better about using a cleaner that's safe for me and the environment. What concerned me a tiny bit was the price, especially for my readers who want to save money. Your typical bathroom cleaner like Lysol for example, costs half the price and comes in a bigger bottle ($3.99 for a 32 fl oz bottle at Walgreens).

So, based on my review, is this a product you would try? Does the price concern you? Let me know what you think, and if there are other safe cleaners you've tried (that worked).

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*disclaimer - this is not a paid review. I purchased and reviewed this product on my own. Also, I was my bathroom frequently, so I can't speak to whether this product works on heavy, set stains*


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